One Solitary Life


he was born in a small unknown village, in a very small country

he was born the son of a very poor village woman

he grew up in another small village

where he worked only as a carpenter

until he was thirty years old

and for the next three years he was a traveling preacher

he never wrote a book

he never held any public office

he never had a family

he never owned a house

he never went to college

he never visited any big city in the world

he never travelled more than 300 km from his home

he never did anything normally associated with great people

he had no degrees after his name

he was only 33 when people turned against him

all his friends ran away and left him all alone

he was handed over to his enemies

and they put him through the mockery of a trial

he was executed by crucifixion by the government of his day as a criminal

and while he was dying his executioners gambled for his clothes

which was the only property he had on this earth

and when he was dead, because of the pity of a friend, they loaned him a grave to be buried in

but since that time, two thousand years have come and gone

but nobody in history has influenced history more than that one single man

he’s the central figure of the human race, Jesus Christ

the leader of all the progress that mankind has seen in any field

all the armies that have marched on this earth and all the navies that have sailed the seas

and all the governments and parliaments that have ever sat anywhere in all the world put together

have not influenced man on this earth as that one single life

and he says to us; “Follow Me!”